The Resurgents are a ragtag group of some ten survivors of the demonic sack of Goodbay. Survivalists, they foraged what they could from the ruins until Seth invited them to join fledgling Adastra.

Some of the Resurgents are “stavebows.” These men and women carry a stringed quarterstaff made of an unknown wood, sturdy enough to be used as a melee weapon, yet flexible enough to function at short range as a bow. Stavebows take advantage of their weapons’ versatility to punish their enemies with blinding speed, while wielding their length defensively to prevent foes from harrying their allies.

The other Resurgents are “treehoppers.” These survivalists learned to use the crumbling ruins and woods in and near Goodbay to their advantage by hiding atop tall objects and leaping down to surprise and lay upon their enemies. The parkour-using treehoppers can take advantage of the slightest gaps in a beleaguered foe’s defenses, and treehopper ambushes can turn quickly into routs.

While the Resurgents are individualists, they appear to function with a certain amount of unit cohesion and respond well to incentives, such as aid and shelter.


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