The Postulate of the Holosphere suggests that there are many multiverses, each with its own physics and metaphysics, separated by impenetrable boundaries. The holosphere, the theory goes, is even more full of wonders than scholars can currently imagine. Unfortunately, the theory’s imputation of impassable boundaries means it can never be tested, and thus the Postulate of the Holosphere has been in philosophical disrepute.

Until two weeks ago, when the universe imploded.

During the Puncture, two adjacent multiverses merged into one for reasons that are not yet entirely clear. In the process, the history and people of Multiverse A were overlaid with the planar structure and metaphysical laws of Multiverse B. The newly-fledged Astral Sea is in a state of turmoil, allowing ready passage to all sorts of beings ready to prey on the Material Planes — from demons to eladrin, from shadar-kai to the angels of power-hungry gods, and perhaps to the deformed and lunatic foulspawn. The state of civilization on Krynn, a central Material Plane of Multiverse A until the Puncture, is unknown.

Among the residents of Ansalon is Seth Mase, a promising young mage of Zaradene who, perhaps alone among his multiverse’s residents, did not lose his powers with the onset of the Puncture. The goddess Zivilyn may be involved somehow. Now Seth and his friends must ascertain what has happened to Krynn and how to reclaim their plane and its hapless population from the invaders — undoubtedly at great personal risk.

It’s going to be a rough trip.

Dramatis personae

Seth's Ansalon