Seth Mase’s birthplace and erstwhile base of operations. Located in northwest Abanasinia just north of its sister city Goodbay, Zaradene currently labors under occupation by the evil angels of Sargonnas, led by the fearsome Metatron of Zaradene.

Ancient history

Zaradene was founded many centuries ago, well before the time of the Kingpriest. It is one of the oldest cities in Abanasinia and has a storied history, much of which is unrecorded. In the olden days, the town, then called Azartane, was an influential city-state with a long line of rulers, including Clement I, whose tomb was recently rediscovered buried beneath a field near the city. Eventually Azartane was conquered by Haven during an expansionist phase of Abanasinia’s history that saw the nation pushing its borders to the Straits of Schallsea.

Recent history

The most recent lord of Zaradene was Mayor Chance Aldym, who nominally answered to Haven bureaucrats but in practice had full discretionary power over the town’s governance. Chance acceded to Town Hall after the corrupt Lord Hristol was discovered to be trafficking with ogres and was summarily ejected by Seth. Under Chance’s administration, Zaradene became known for its Tournament of Skill, a race between adventurers to reach the center of a small dungeon designed by Zaradene architects and illusionists. Thanks to the success of the Tournament of Skill, Chance’s able leadership, and Seth’s party’s vigorous defense of the town’s borders, Zaradene has become a thriving urban center in recent years. Income from the town’s traditional economic mainstay, the Solamnia/Ergoth/Abanasinia trade triangle, is as strong as ever. Furthermore, strong immigration, especially from Long Ridge in the eastern mountains, has bred a thriving construction industry in Zaradene. Among the town’s architects is the aptly named Biltz, who designed and oversaw the construction of Seth’s library.

Very recent history

On the night of the Puncture, Zaradene came under attack by demons and angels crossing the planar borders. While Seth fought off the first wave, in his subsequent absence Sargonnas’s angels conquered the town, apparently slaying some of Zaradene’s best men in the process. The angels’ leader, the Metatron of Zaradene, imprisoned Chance and made plans to enslave the citizenry. Fortunately, Seth’s timely return to the city enabled the evacuation of the remaining militiamen, hedge mages, builders, farmers, and others – about 120 useful folk in all. These were spirited away to the tomb of Clement I, redubbed Adastra by the refugees. Chance, who Seth sprang from prison, continues to govern his exiled people, with the help of the alderman Aspic and the midwife Bratha. The fate of the remainder of the town is unknown, and retaking it is high on Seth’s list of things to do – just as soon as he finds a way to defeat the Metatron.


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