Taelthas the Twilit

“He listens to everything.”

Taelthas the Twilit is an eladrin assassin who commands the armies of Hod. Taelthas made his debut in the Material Plane by slaying the Speaker of the Sun in Qualinost, hence throwing the elven leadership into confusion and defining the long siege of the city.

Taelthas is tall and slender, with shining silver hair and sharply pointed ears. Unusually for an eladrin, his eyes have the hint of deep purple pupils, and his rounded facial features contrast with those of his more aquiline subordinates. His body is athletic and agile, and he is known to wield a longsword and a dagger.

Seth Mase met Taelthas personally three times during the final iteration of the defense of Qualinost. The first time, Taelthas held a knife to Seth’s throat while the latter was prisoner at an eladrin ritual circle. The second time, Seth interrupted Taelthas’s attempted assassination of elven commander Joaquim fen Habbakuk. The third and final time, Seth burst in on Taelthas at the top of the Hod scaffold containing the planar gem used to besiege Qualinost. The encounters played out as both a contest of wills and a battle of wits, with a mixed success for Seth as the outcome: though Taelthas retained the gem, Seth forced him to abandon the siege with no prisoners, and traded his favor to the shadar-kai in the bargain.

Taelthas the Twilit

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