Silver Division

The Silver Division of Corps-A is the unit to which Seth Mase was assigned during the Lupine Wars. The division, like the rest of its corps, was overseen by Unther Lanthanum, himself overseen directly by local governor Marcus Omnial.

SQUADRON I of Silver Division, the administrative squad, got the least screentime; only division alpha Ulane Noire ever appeared.

SQUADRON II of Silver Division, the offensive squad, was Seth’s assignment. Its membership included:
Epsilon: Hedox Crivett (Squadron Commander)
Zeta: Luther Crownguard
Eta: Keith Malthus
Theta: Seth Mase
Iota: Abrinn Memnos
Kappa: Emberborn fen Zivilyn
Lambda: Rilla Tordeñas
Mu: Xyai Manori

SQUADRON III of Silver Division was employed for defense and support. Its membership was largely unmemorable, with the exceptions of the alchemist Edmund Malthus (Silver-Rho) and Seth’s longtime friend Lutesinger fen Branchala (Silver-Omicron).

SQUADRON IV of Silver Division performed reconnaissance functions and other special ops. Seth operated in conjunction with Squadron IV in the last phase of the Lupine Wars, when their small group infiltrated the lupine headquarters and assassinated the mad sorcerer Raskadim. Its membership included:
Phi: Zuni Subrosa (Squadron Commander)
Chi: Omar Koak
Psi: Loras Demisol
Omega: Crowdown fen Lunitari

Silver Division

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