Letters from Seth

Letters composed by Seth on the journey south from Adastra to find allies, to be sent at the first opportunity:

Sir Crownguard:

I pray this missive finds you well, and not too seriously harmed by the calamity that has befallen our world. I fear for the safety of all of our comrades, but I trust that your ingenuity and resolve has kept you from harm. I doubt that your prison survived the aftermath of the Puncture (for that is what we call the disaster; hopefully I will be able to explain later) and in my mind’s eye I see you rallying the remaining guards and prisoners to defend Solamnia.

I write to you to offer an alternative. I know that you would never abandon Solamnia – and of course, I know not how Solamnia fares. Perhaps it has passed through the darkness unscathed, or perhaps it has been routed as thoroughly as Abanasinia. If Solamnia needs you, I would never ask you to leave. However, if Solamnia is secure, or if the struggle is hopeless, you – and as many men as you can gather – would be welcome in Adastra, a town founded by myself and the other refugees from Zaradene, which has been enslaved by “angels” sent by Takhisis’ consort. We have shelter, a decent supply of food and water, and above all, safety – at least for the moment – though there is a dearth of experienced fighters. More than this I do not want to divulge in case this letter falls into the wrong hands, but read on.

I myself am on a journey to find allies to aid us in retaking our town. I admit a certain amount of doubt, for the assault of the otherplanar beings seems to have reached every corner of the realm, but I head south for Qualinost, which is under assault by eladrin, a peculiar race that hails from a Fey realm near our own, to either form a pact of mutual aid or save them from their attackers. From there, my plan is to contact the Council at Wayreth; although our magic has been altered, their talent with the Art is matchless, and I am sure they have recovered at least a portion of their puissance. From there – who knows? Perhaps to Thorbardin; if anyone has remained safe from the attacks, it would be the mountain dwarves in their sealed halls. I plan to eventually make my way to Solamnia, but I hope to get this letter to you before then, somehow, perhaps on the wings of magic.

I am working on a ritual to enable two-way communication between us; if successful, I will enclose a blank half-sheet of paper. Please begin by writing my designation in Sir Omnial’s army to verify yourself as the recipient; if my ritual works, I should receive the writing on the other half and be able to respond in the same manner. Space will be limited, so the more concisely we can communicate, the better.

Please consider my words carefully; we could use a man of your ability and leadership skills in Adastra, and obviously, after Zaradene is secure for the civilians, I give you my word that I will lead as many of my forces and allies as are willing with you to Solamnia to carry on the fight there. If you have a way of reaching Sir Marcus, please convey this offer to him as well.

And please, if Solamnia needs you, do not feel guilty about being unable to come. We will survive, and I will come to Solamnia to meet you and aid you at the earliest opportunity. I hope to hear from you soon.

Be safe, Luther.

Seth Mase

PS: While I realize that the salutation may no longer be technically accurate, I trust you will take no offense; it is meant to convey my deep respect for you and my high regard for your honor.

Letters from Seth

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