The eladrin are a militaristic race native to the Feywild, a plane that appeared after the Puncture that in some respects resembles the old Ethereal Plane. In appearance they closely resemble noble elves, with aquiline features and straight backs; it is unknown whether the two races are related. One prominent difference is that while mortal elves make the woods their home and have developed a culture that emphasizes the wilds, eladrin build cities of unearthly beauty and pride themselves on their civilization. Eladrin thus far have appeared only near thin places — locations where the boundary separating the Material Plane from the Feywild sometimes grows weak and may be crossed.

Eladrin in the Feywild live in “demesnes” organized rather like mortal nations, with similar rivalries and wars. As with mortal nations, demesnes vary widely in culture and values. Some may be amenable to peace and cooperation, while others care only for expanding their boundaries.

Two eladrin demesnes are currently known to Seth Mase and his party. One, which wears red and gold, inhabits an area overlapping the Material Plane’s Halcyon Corridor; their watch tower has periodically been spotted some distance from the corridor, though it seems to appear and disappear unpredictably. This demesne has thus far shown no inclination to interfere with either the angelic or human inhabitants of nearby Zaradene. The other, which wears purple, has beset the forest of Qualinesti, assassinating the Speaker of the Sun and seeking to conquer the capital city of Qualinost. Among their leaders or generals is Taelthas the Twilit, who Lutesinger fen Branchala has sworn an oath of enmity against.

While eladrin are incompetent navigators of wilderness, they channel dangerous fey energy in battle that can bind or poison the unwary; moreover, their powers of teleportation and plane-shifting make them unpredictable and dangerous adversaries.


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