Dramatis personae


  • Seth Mase, human wizard. A PC and the star of the show, he grew up in Zaradene and has spent most of his adventuring career protecting it.
  • Lutesinger fen Branchala, elf avenger. She’s a Qualinesti elf who lived as a cleric in Zaradene before the Puncture, but has more lately taken up arms to protect her forest.
  • Rilla Tordeñas, human warlord. A woman living in Zaradene, she’s the latest arrival to Seth’s core group of four heroes. She was a fighter until the Puncture.


  • Mestari, human wizard. A collector of magical rings who prefers to expand his collection through arcane theft. For some reason he seems to have a grudge against Seth, in spite of being his clear superior in spellslinging. Last seen a long time ago.
  • Taelthas the Twilit, eladrin. The assassin of the Speaker of the Sun and the sworn enemy of Lutesinger fen Branchala. Taelthas seeks to bring down the city of Qualinost, though it is unclear whether he is lord or vassal of the eladrin demesne he emblemizes.

Supporting Cast

  • Akuma, a book imp. Akuma is Seth’s familiar and describes himself as “a creature of law.”
  • Chance Aldym, human. He’s the mayor-in-exile of Zaradene and a prominent citizen of nascent Adastra. A kind man whose one-time bumbling has developed into a decisiveness befitting a leader.
  • Zephyrus Raptorr, human wizard. A high-epic-level archmage who chooses to make Krynn his home in spite of owning a spelljammer. Self-centered and a little eccentric but basically a good guy.
  • Luther Crownguard, human fighter. Second-in-command of Seth’s unit during the Lupine Wars in Solamnia. One of the cleverest strategists and ablest leaders Seth has run across, but it didn’t save him from imprisonment for insubordination after a farce of a Solamnic trial.

Minor Characters

  • Nadire, eladrin wizard. A powerful and articulate member of the Amethyst demesne, now in exile and sent to Adastra by Seth as a condition of her parole. Sarcastic and of uncertain loyalty, yet she seems to have a rapport with Seth.
  • Hedox Crivett, human fighter. Seth’s incompetent commanding officer during the Lupine Wars. Better known for getting drunk than for leading his army – a task that fell to his lieutenant Luther Crownguard – Hedox was last seen cooling his butt in a Solamnic prison.

Dramatis personae

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