Clement's tomb

The enormous marble tomb of Clement I was erected some miles east of ancient Azartane to commemorate that king’s eight years of calm leadership. An inscription on the tomb reads: “Here lyeth King Clement I, called the Wise; whose Peace, beyond these walls, shall remain eternally as the Peace that dwelleth within them.” Peace didn’t dwell in those walls for long, though, because the three concubines buried with Clement returned to life as hungry spirits – pit rusalkas bent on entombing the living as they themselves were entombed.

The tomb’s sole entrance is through a portcullis – now long rusted away – which leads into a symbolic throne room. A corridor behind the throne room leads to a dining area to be used by the concubines, adjacent to which is a skeleton-lined hidden room in the wall to which the pit rusalkas must have dragged their victims. Further back in the tomb is a gaping room of pits and balance beams leading to a magical portal which, when armed, teleports its victim sans equipment to a locked dungeon cell below the throne room. This portal was employed by the pit rusalkas as a means of ensnaring tomb robbers and other visitors. Behind the portal is the tomb’s inner sanctum: a bedroom for the concubines, a study for the dead king, and a fake treasure room that really serves as antechamber for the underground vault holding Clement’s remains.

At length the tomb was buried by the Cataclysm and rediscovered centuries later by Seth Mase and fellow participants in that month’s Tournament of Skill. Mase and his cohorts penetrated the tomb’s ancient magical defenses, added to the sum of knowledge about Zaradene’s history, got some loot, and put the pit rusalkas’ souls to rest by removing their remains from the tomb, in that order.

Weeks later, the Puncture warped reality and brought a nefarious angelic host to nearby Zaradene. Seth Mase and a group of some 120 refugees found solace at Clement’s tomb; they named their underground village Adastra and made it their home. It is unknown whether Clement I would be offended at this desecration of his tomb or delighted that he could be of service to Zaradene’s people once more.

Clement's tomb

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