Adastra is a makeshift village located under the prairie some miles east of Zaradene, in Abanasinia. Refugees from Zaradene – and the angels that now tyrannize that city – founded Adastra only very recently with the help of Seth Mase.

The site of Adastra was originally designed for the Zaradene Tournament of Skill, a mazelike complex of pits and hidden doors. At the center of the complex is a hole, clawed from the stone by an umber hulk at the least opportune moment, which leads down to a cavern containing the long-forgotten tomb of Clement I, buried by the Cataclysm. The enormous tomb was built to honor this king of ancient Azartane and safeguard his mortal remains, which remain ensconced in a secret chamber deep within the tomb. Both the tomb and the upper labyrinths have been colonized by Adastra’s inhabitants.

Adastra has yet to secure sources of food and water, though an underground river runs nearby, and the prairie is on the edge of a forest that should contain some game. Other necessities of living, such as light, are similarly up in the air. Nor can Seth and his party directly render help, since they are far afield, able to receive letters from Adastra but not to bodily aid or protect the city. Fortunately, Adastra’s roughly 120 useful citizens were chosen specifically for the talents they could bring to the incipient city, and others have joined their ranks since.

Some people established to live in Adastra:

  • Mayor Chance Aldym, lord of Zaradene.
  • Bratha, midwife and wise-woman.
  • Aspic Palmeri, alderman from the Zaradene harbor district and resistance leader.
  • Biltz, Zaradene’s preeminent architect.
  • Rhody, a low-level ranger with firsthand knowledge of local fauna.
  • Knossos Cambrian, a local sage specializing in the history and geography of northwest Abanasinia.
  • Five hedge wizards relearning their lost craft, led by Amos Greenvelt.
  • Five Resurgent stavebows, skirmishers expert with their combination longbow/quarterstaffs.
  • Five Resurgent treehoppers, ambushers with unmatched ability to cross terrain.
  • Two Qualinesti druids who know the Bloom ritual.
  • A number of militiamen, some with class levels, all weapon-proficient.
  • A few priests, some with class levels.
  • An herbalist with some knowledge of medicine.
  • A strategist.
  • A blacksmith.
  • A bowyer who can fletch simple arrows.
  • A number of farmers, some with horses.
  • Twenty miners.


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