Seth's Ansalon

The Story So Far: Prehistory

Seth's time-obscured past.

The recent story of Seth Mase, like that of a couple other heroes I could name, roughly begins with his discovery of a magical ring. That’s not what this post is about. This post is about the before-time.

Little is remembered about Seth’s adventures as a very low-level hedge mage fresh out of wizard school, way back in the 2e days. What we do know is that he has always had very strong ties to Zaradene, where he was born, and he has been adventuring with Morden Mase and Lutesinger fen Branchala since time immemorial. Rilla Tordeñas would also join the party during this period. Seth’s first adventures found him roaming the countryside and sometimes penetrating monster lairs to defeat kobolds, goblins, and other menaces to the town’s safety. The details of Seth’s Test of High Sorcery are likewise shrouded in time, but he definitely fought some variety of slime. He was taken into the Order of the Red Robes by Justarius.

Perhaps the single most important event of Seth’s prehistory was his discovery of the abandoned library of an ogre mage hidden behind a secret door in a hobgoblin lair in the mountains near Long Ridge. He quickly adopted this library as his own and would eventually transport much of it to his home in Zaradene.



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